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Great I've been dealing with the computers for 30 years Sam is definitely one of the best out there. I hire him for the business project and came out perfect. He saved me a lot of time. I will highly recommend him not only to my friends but anyone with computer related problems. Well done. Thank you!!!!!

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Sam is FABULOUS! He had done excellent work on our computer some years ago so we got in touch when my Dell laptop was basically non-functional. He took it home with him because that would be much more efficient. I knew it would take a while to even get in to the computer to diagnose (it was that messed up). Sam quickly figured out that there were bad sectors on the hard drive, ordered a new one, installed it, transferred all the data, and had it back in a couple of days. He even sat with me to make sure I could retrieve my 25 years of Quicken data. He is a gem. I would hire him for any computer issues. He is a great guy-hardworking, honest, helpful, knowledgeable....

Laurie B.

Quickly diagnosed my computer the day he picked it up and had it repaired and returned in 3 days.

Jay H.

What struck me about Sam the moment I met him was how honest he was. Computer technology and the field of tech repairs in general is a field in which it is easy to get ripped off-Sam gave me a very fair deal and delivered. My computer is working MUCH better than it was before. I highly recommend Sam!

Matthew A.

Sam contacted me back within 5 minutes of requesting help with my OS. He picked up my computer within the hour and set realistic expectations for the timeline and price, very transparent. He called me several times while he had my computer to update me on his progress and to ask how he should proceed. Very professional, very prompt and transparent in his business. I will keep his information handy, just in case I get into trouble with my OS going forward.

Steven w.

From day one, he was super-responsive, very knowledgeable, and such a nice guy. He spent a good deal of time with me on the phone, explaining prospective diagnoses and costs. Sam was able to come and pick up the computer within the hour!

I could tell immediately, and increasingly so through our correspondence, that he's extremely knowledgeable. A true expert. He really helped me to understand how to get the best value and performance out of my repair situation. To top that off, he was extremely willing to talk computers and give me some advice on a another machine I was considering buying. I sincerely appreciated that, and ended up finding a killer deal based upon his technical recommendations!

Sam went above and beyond to get me the best deal and the best possible outcome.

Great guy, great value!

Highly recommended!

Mark F.

I had an issue regarding my desktop once I shipped it from my home country to the USA. Once I shipped it over it just didn't work / turn on I realized that I was not able to fix my computer and just had to reach out to get assistance. I found Sam on thumbtack and he responded extremely quickly. I met Sam and handed him my desktop and over the course of a few weeks we really tried to find the problem. In the end the desktop did not make it due to internal problems and was short circuited by the power supply but Sam did everything he could to fix the computer and even put some of his own assets on the line to really help me out. In addition, he refuses any payment from me to him since in the end of the product wasn't fixed. All in all I highly recommend Sam and he really has showed me how much effort he puts into his work.

Sahil S.

I had the pleasure of working with Sam this past week. He was able to fix my dropped laptop, which stopped working.
The repair was done in a timely manner which included ordering a part. I have no hesitation in recommending Sam for your computer repairs.

Sandra C.

Sam not only went out of his way to pick up my computer, but when he found it wasn't salvageable, but the files were, he came and picked up my new computer and moved all the files over for me for no additional cost. He was awesome to work with.

Wade P.

My computer is working as well as the day I bought it. Sam was super nice and communicative, and the turnaround was so fast. I could not be more satisfied!

Cecilia D.

Sam was very responsive, respectful and kind. He was out quick with and estimate and then as soon as the parts were received we scheduled installation. I am confidant we will be happy with the outcome. Day one was very smooth. He also said he would be available for help with any questions or issues we may have with our new equipment. Thank you so much!

Olivia W.