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Get Your New PC Up to Speed

Take advantage of our data migration services and new computer setup services in Winthrop, MA.

Many people fear they'll lose their old data when they switch to a new PC. Luckily, Plan B Data Services can help you avoid that from happening with our data migration services. We'll handle your new computer setup so you won't have to say goodbye to your important information.

Speak with our technician to set up a data migration service.

Handling commercial and personal computers

Handling commercial and personal computers

Our new computer setup services are handy for personal computers and commercial computers alike. For instance, we can help you bring over important pictures, videos and other data from your old PC to your new one.

We've even worked with businesses and accountants to carry over data sheets and records they need to keep. That way, instead of needing to print out physical copies or create vulnerable external backups, they'll have direct access to it at all times.

Team up with us when you need your data migrated.